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We create, organize and share delicious culinary experiences!

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We are proud of our Beach Bar! It was in 2014, when Askeli Restaurant created its own Beach Bar and since then visitors have been enjoying swimming, drinking and relaxing under the sun. Take a coffee or a drink on one of our luxury chairs and make the best out of your vacation in Greece.

Seat up to 120 guests

Delicious Greek


Askeli’s traditional and postmodern Greek plates are combining high quality ingredients, artistic cooking and an extraordinary gastronomical experience, all in one. All you need to do is to choose your favourite plate from a large variety of choices!

Seat up to 120 guests



Our goal in Askeli is not to be just a restaurant but to make your holidays in Poros island unforgettable! That’s why we are committed to combine everything you need to have the perfect vacation, all in one place. We have created with great love a restaurant that is characterized by its beautiful architecture combined with postmodern Greek cuisine. Every day we select carefully the highest quality fresh products to create amazing plates and bring the taste of Greece and Mediterranean on your table! You can enjoy some of the most exclusive tastes on our beautiful sandy beach which is well organized in order to offer you relaxation and enjoyable moments by the sea. But we are not stopping there! We are here to make your biggest dreams come true. If you want to organize an event by the sea that everyone will remember, Askeli is the best choice.

Seat up to 120 guests

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